How to get your collaboration video listed.

Collaborating can help grow your channel and your subscriber base.

We think that collaboration is an important part of growing your channel and making friends. Lately it's getting harder to get famous YouTubers to collaborate with small channels (lets face it, it's their job). So one strategy to build your channel is to collaborate with a channel that has a slightly higher subscriber count than what you do.

To get your video listed your video will need to have the following

  • the video must be on your channel
  • you must list the people that collaborated on your video in the description section of your video with links to their channel
  • post a link to your video on this video on the YAC channel
    This Video
  • as a courtesy you should on your outro thank the person that collaborated with you and suggest to your subscribers that they check out your collaborators channel.

Some strategies to get someone to collaborate with you.

  • comment on their video say something like "hey I like your videos would you like to do a voice over on one of my animations"
  • ask nicely and don't get upset if they don't want to do it
  • you SHOULD expect someone will agree and never do their part (people are busy). This is a problem with all collaboration. If that happens ask again in a few days and if they can't do it just find another person.
  • if someone asks you to collaborate do your best to help them
  • find animators on the discord find it here
  • DO NOT ASK SOMEONE TO ANIMATE A VIDEO FOR YOU. There are so many videos of YouTubers who have been asked to make videos for "Exposure" and they spend a lot of time making the video and get NOTHING.