How Started (formerly

This is from the original website and it still holds true today, except for the name.

I follow many animators on my How You Could Have Animated That channel, when one day a video for Infamous Swoosh appeared in the recommendations. I checked out his channel, he said the words "Young Animator" in his video. I then did a YouTube search for Young Animator and I came across 2 videos that had Young Animators Tag in the title. The videos were by RamBles Animations & JoshNJackAnimations.

I sat around for a couple of days thinking of a good website name, I decided YoungAnimators dot something. I noticed that was taken. I checked out the website to see what domains were on sale and the .club domains were on special for $1.57AUD. So I got out the credit card and bought

I downloaded a template from the website and starting modifying it. Two days later was ready to go. Utilising some of the PHP code I made in my other site/channel I was able to make the site quite quickly.

I started watching all of Infamous Swoosh, Colymoly guacamole, Kreios & Janrel Animates videos. For ever person that made a comment, I would check out their channel. If they had animations that I thought were kid friendly I added them to the site (they didn't even know). Now if I find a new Channel I like I formally ask them to be on the site.
Many Channels find me and ask to be on the site and for those that ask I check out their site to make sure it is kid friendly.

And that's how it all started. As I write this, the site is just over a one month old and we have currently have 75 animators on the site and we are growing.

Where will we go ... I don't know, but I have 10+ months before I have to renew the domain This time it will cost my about $15AUD.

What I do know is that I have message/skyped with some pretty cool kids and great young adults, all have been very polite and professional.

They created a community, I just created a website.
That community is world wide, Indonesia, Philippines, UK, Canada, USA, Australia. One day I will map them all).

I also have to thank some great channels like Jaiden Animations, theodd1sout comic, TonyvToons, itsAlexClark for inspiring me and many young animators.